Micro-Gaming Has Announced the Release of New Casino Games

Micro-Gaming Has Announced the Release of New Casino Games

Micro-gaming is proud to provide online players the gift of 4 new online casino games. Although the exact release date is not yet known it is expected to take place in early June. Two of the games which are expected to be launched are an online slots and a no download slots game.

The no download slots will only be available to those users who have registered with their online casinos account. Once registered users will be able to play the online slots for free. However if they want to gamble on the free slots they will have to pay an hourly fee. The online casino that is offering the no download slots will of course be based on the Micro-gaming software.

Three different slots games are expected to be launched by Micro-gaming. Players can expect to find at least three different games to play. These games will be based on classic 3 reel slot machines. Additionally there is another slot game that will be provided by Micro-gaming called Egp88. Reel Deal will allow users to participate in the same bonus offers that online slots will offer.

The other online casino that Micro-gaming has available is called Black Jack Switch. Based on the game Black Jack Switch, players will be able to participate in online slot games that are poorly reminiscent of the original game card from the 3000. If players were exposed to the early version of the game they might perhaps appreciate the new game a little more. Regardless of the differences, both the classic and the Black Jack Switch slot games will be extremely entertaining for online casino players and very profitable for Micro-gaming.

The casino has other slot games as well, including some progressive jackpot games. Any time a player is able to win a progressive jackpot during online play, that particular game will be compensated for in the coin history of the online casino.

Software, customer support, and payment options

Many slot players will find that the spin button of the online slots often does not work when they try to stop the reels from spinning. However, many other features of Micro-gaming’s casino software are quite reliable. If you have paid out at all, you can expect to see the money come back to your account within a number of days.

Pay options that you can choose from include credit card payment, checks, NETeller, Eco Card, debit card, credit union transfer, wire transfer, and now also Quickcheck. Quickcheck is a feature that is extremely useful in critical stages of receiving your winnings from your online casino bankroll. Not only will you receive your winnings by Quickcheck, but you can also debit your balance by Quickcheck. This allows you to withdraw your winnings from your online casino account although you can’t deposit again until you have withdraw monies above the initial deposit.

Security and privacy

From the day the Micro-gaming casino software was launched, customers and visitors have had no confidence in its security and privacy. During that time there were very few security incidents that were associated with the online casino. Unfortunately, there were some major leaks of customer data that were published in mid-to-high ranking blogs and forums. Hands that were once private were made available to the public. And since most people working for Micro-gaming were not trustworthy, the security was not very effective.

Now that the malicious activities have been discovered, will they be able to clean the Lounge and face justice for their part? Time will tell, but the sooner the better. Justice will be served in due time.

Ease of Use

This is one of the functions that separates modern casinos from theoths old. The new online player is not able to use tools that are better than his/her own. If the online casino chooses to provide one, it should be easy to use and very user friendly.

The one thing that players should keep in mind is that they worked hard to get the bonus, so they should be somewhat disappointed if the signup bonus is worthless. Some online casinos that offered bonuses in earlier days had no problems with their bonuses, while newer casinos are more likely to have problems.

In addition, since many of these bonuses require monthly fee, the player should look for a casino that is straightforward with its bonuses and will not cause problems for the players. Of course, a plus point is if the casino offered loyalty bonuses to its existing players.

Luxurious Bonuses

Some casinos are soaringly gorgeous that they will completely different the experience of gambling for most of their patrons. While some of these places are quite similar to Vegas casinos, many of them are much more attractive. Nevertheless, many of the top places to visit when in Vegas are quite similar to most of the other casino towns in America.

Plus, the top places to visit are also the best in the world.